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Who does Telehealth work for?

Our “Skype Style” Virtual Services (aka. Telehealth) has been created for ANYONE whom can not make it to the clinic for their appointment. Particularly in this unprecedented time with COVID-19, we would like to offer the patients at Pro-Action Sports Injury Clinic complimentary sessions to help, support and continue to progress with injuries & conditions that they are dealing with. This service will give you – the patient – an opportunity to chat with your practitioner and give us – the practitioners – an opportunity to do what we do best – to HELP!

There will always remain circumstances where an in-person visit is required ~ but research is continuing to show us that virtual visits can address and treat the same needs, and to the same level of care, for MANY conditions that an in-person session can.

What services can I receive via telehealth?

You can receive many of our services via telehealth:

  • Troubleshooting with neuromusculoskeletal conditions (strains, sprains, pain, movement dysfunction + more)
  • Exercise Education and Program Creation
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Concussion Rehab

How it Works

​All you need is an internet connection, access to a desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet, and to follow these instructions:

  1. Book your initial assessment / consultation online or by emailing or phoning the clinic
    * Email us or by phoning 613-505-5000
  2. Complete your intake forms. They will be emailed to you as soon as you book your appointment. Please take the time to complete these prior to your appointment.
  3. You can join your telehealth appointment using either a cell phone, iPad or a desktop computer
  4. Please arrive to your appointment a few minutes early
  5. To ensure you have a great appointment please ensure the following:
    1. You have your camera set up in a location that allows you to move around and still be seen
    2. You have clear audio – you may want to consider using earbuds for clearer sound (not necessary)
    3. Have a private space free of distraction so you can focus on what you need

6. Following your appointment your practitioner will summarize you goals, provide with a treatment plan you both agree on, assist you with booking your follow-up sessions, and send you your homework

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