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Sleep Support & Renewal



Sometimes the only difference between stressed and your best is a good night’s sleep. Here’s a simple spray to calm a racing mind and help you on your way to better sleep. Natural melatonin works together with valerian root and chamomile, history’s favourite restful botanicals. Falling asleep when your head hits the pillow is life’s true superpower.

  • Fast-acting. Simple spray works quickly.
  • Melatonin to help your body fall asleep naturally.†
  • Proven blend of restful botanicals with lemon balm and tart cherry.*
  • Cool peppermint flavour.
  • No artificial colors, flavours, or sweeteners.

Values & Benefits:

Don’t Count Sheep:

  • Don’t count sheep. Instead count on melatonin and a proprietary blend of restful botanicals, including valerian root and chamomile.* Becoming your better self starts with better sleep.

Works Fast & Lasts:

  • Sleep Support & Renewal delivers fast acting melatonin. It isn’t sleep on demand, but it might be the next closest thing. Our proprietary time-release formulation of restful botanicals ensures that the sweet dreams last.*

Spray Sleeplessness Away:

  • An overactive mind at bedtime is the true nightmare. Don’t rehash your day or worry about the future. A simple spray of Sleep Support & Renewal can help you turn the page and fall asleep.


  • The body’s natural sleep hormone in a fast-acting sleep support supplement.

Valerian Root:

  • Used as a traditional aid of quality sleep for thousands of years.


  • A flower that has traditionally been used for relaxation and stress release.


  • The amino acid found commonly in tea and mushrooms that can help promote calmness and restlessness.


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