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Headleveler Very Soft Cervical Pillow




The Standard Very Soft cervical pillow measures 23 by 17 inches and is recommended for people who measure under 4’11” and who weigh between 50–95 pounds.

This Very Soft pillow is an essential part of a good night’s rest for those who who only need a little support while dozing off. It’s also great for those who sleep on their backs and who require a thin pillow, as well as individuals who are in an acute stage of recovery from an injury and who can’t sleep on their regular pillow. The compartmentalized structure of this cervical pillow provides support where you need it, and doesn’t shift and become uncomfortable while you sleep.

The Standard Very Soft pillow is an excellent choice for elementary school-aged children, pre-teens and very petite or small individuals.

The Queen Very Soft cervical pillow measures 26 by 17 inches and is perfect for people measuring between 4’11” and 5’1” and weighing between 95–110 pounds. Like all of our pillows, it’s made of breathable and hypoallergenic fabric and polyester fibre stuffing — perfect for allergy sufferers and hot sleepers. The Queen Very Soft pillow’s cervical (Ortho-Cerv) design supports the head and neck throughout the night, for both back and side sleepers.

This plush cervical pillow is ideal for back and side sleepers who don’t need heavy-duty support while they sleep — typically used by young teenagers and people of petite size or small stature.


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