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Headleveler Midsize Cervical Pillow




The Standard Midsize cervical pillow is 23 by 17 inches and is best suited for people between 5’5” and 5’8” and weighing between 150–175 pounds. It’s also a good option for back sleepers up to 5’9” tall who prefer an average-thickness pillow. The Midsize Headleveler/Ortho-Cerv pillow has great range, making it our bestselling pillow.

Not too soft and not too firm, this pillow is exactly what the Goldilocks of back and side sleepers need to get a good night’s rest — every night.

The Queen Midsize cervical pillow is 26 by 17 inches and is recommended for those in the 5’8” to 6’0” range who weigh in at between 170–185 pounds. The Queen Midsize pillow offers firmer support to people in this range, and is also suitable for people up to 6’0” tall who prefer sleeping on their backs. The Queen Midsize pillow is also well-suited for people with broad shoulders.

Did you know about two-thirds of people are side sleepers? Sleeping on your side has its share of issues, though, particularly if you tend to sleep at a 90-degree angle to your mattress. Sleeping in that position throughout the night can put undue pressure on your shoulders’ trapezius muscles, which work to support the weight of your head. If you’re feeling shoulder or neck pain after a night’s sleep, try adjusting your body so that your free shoulder is slightly ahead of the rest of your body, making somewhat of a 45-degree angle.


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