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Brain Boost & Renewal



Better memory and mental clarity is at the front of everyone’s mind these days. And here’s the targeted support formula to boost your brainpower. With green tea, ginkgo, turmeric, and lipoic acid for enhanced cognitive function. Information overload has met its match.

  • Ginkgo biloba. The world’s favorite memory support in a targeted formula.
  • Proven blend of mind and memory boosters.
  • Green tea for clarity and alertness.
  • Turmeric and lipoic acid to help protect brain health.
  • Gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian.

Values & Benefits:

Boost your Mind & Memory:

  • Remember where you put your car keys. Remember that crucial password. Randomly remember the dress you wore 15 years ago. Improved cognitive function really does make a difference.

Focus without the JittersFocus without the Jitters:

  • The green tea and citicoline in Brain Boost & Renewal fuel the brain and help it focus. That’s great news for negotiating mergers and negotiating with toddlers.

Decisions, Decisions:

  • Clarity when facing big and small decisions can make all the difference between success and failure. Brain Boost & Renewal showed a 12% increase in overall cognitive function and a 33% increase in decision-making response time compared to other formulations. Bring on the decisions, big and small.


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