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Joyce has an extensive background in administrative / office management roles, as well as HR and Property Management.  She has worked for a large corporation (Bell Canada) and for three start-up companies.  One company developed a blood testing medical device which was eventually sold to Siemens, one was a tech company which was recently sold to Warner media and the last company is working on a treatment for cancer and has just recently received FDA approval for clinical trials. Joyce has a Certificate in Business Administration from the University of Ottawa and a BA in Psychology from Carleton University.  She is also qualified to administer and debrief on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.  

Joyce was born in Montreal and moved to Ottawa when she was 27.  She owned a horse for 14 years and when she no longer had a horse she took dressage lessons for a few more years just to stay involved with horses.  Joyce and Bracken’s predecessor, Riley, competed in Agility trials and he achieved his Masters Agility Dog of Canada designation.  Someday maybe Bracken will find out what agility is about.   When Joyce isn’t at the clinic, she’s hanging out with Bracken, reading, watching sports and dreaming about another trip to Scotland (she’s been 4 times in the last 9 years!).

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