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Thoracic Spine Capsules

From a kneeling position, rotate your pelvis upwards and curve your back. While keeping the spine along a straight vertical axis, rotate to one side and place the hands on the outside of the knee as shown.


Press the hands onto the knee to accentuate spinal rotation

PAILs (green arrow)

Rotate away from the resistance of your hand that are on the outside of the knee

RAILs (red arrow)

Rotate towards your hand that is on the outside of the knee

Note: Ensure that the spine rotates as a single unit along a vertical

(Dr. Andreo Spina)

Camel Stretch

Targets: Thoracic and Lumbar spine joint capsules
Position yourself on your hands and knees.


Push up with the spine to create segmental flexion. Change the angle/spine section to individualize regions of the mid or lower back. Hold for 2 mins


Focus body tension on the posterior line (green arrow). Hold 1.5-2 mins while bracing the whole body.


Segmental spinal flexion (contract the abs and bring your hips towards your abdomen, closing down the angle between stomach and front of thighs)- 10-15 secs strong contraction


Repeat 2-3 sets trying to maintain and increase range of motion.

Note: really try to perform segmental flexion (focus on flexion at one vertebrae at a time), to maximally ‘open’ the joint capsules.

Video for Camel Stretch or Lumbar segmentation

SI Stretch

Targets: Sacroiliac joint, Lumbar Spine multifidii


Lay on your back with the knees bent to approximately 90 degrees. Move one hip so that sole of the foot is in the midline of the body (dashed line). Place the sole of the other foot in the middle of the previously placed foot (as shown), and then bend your knees and bring them closer to your body. Place your hand on the outside of the top knee.

Passive Stretch

Press down on the outside of your knee while keeping your shoulder on the ground

Pails (Green Arrow)

Rotate your top leg outwards against the downwards resistance of your hand

Rails (Red Arrow)

Rotate away from your hand

Note: Flexion of the hips will specify the stretch to progressively higher levels of the lumbar spine (top right).