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Lower Body Stretches

​A circuit of stretches for the lower body that should be performed at least 2 times a week to maintain flexibility and prevent injuries.

Upper Body Stretches

A circuit of stretches for the upper body that should be performed at least 2 times a week to maintain flexibility and prevent injuries.

Good Morning

​​Low Back strengthening exercise for those who want to increase performance with stabilization and increase strength of hamstrings, glutes and low back musculature.

Disc & Low Back Pain

ELDOA Disc Traction Stretch L5-S1

Disc & Low Back Pain

ELDOA Disc Traction Stretch L4-L5

Neck Stretching

​Neck stretching in 3 different planes.

Quadruped Chin Retraction

An Exercise to Strengthen of the longus colli muscles and to stretch the suboccipitals and muscles between shoulder blades.

Front Plank

Plank progression for core strenghening without compression of the lumbar discs from Dr. Stuart McGill.

Side Plank

Side Plank- Low back strengthening along the flanks in the Oblique, Quadradus Lumborum, Erector Spinae without causing compression on the Lumbar discs. Recommended by Dr. Stuart McGill

Hip Mobility

Dr. Spina’s Hip Mobilty- not just a passive stretch but an active stretch. 

Hip Circuit

Hip strengthening of the lateral hip musculature. 6 exercises done without rest. 

Hip Lift

​Isolated Hamstring Strengthening exercise without glute and low back involvement. Great for stabalizing knee joint and decreasing knee pain. 

Glute Medius Hip Lift

Stabilization and strengthening exercise for the glute medius

Buchberger 12- Day 1

Shoulder stability exercises after range of motion has been corrected

Buchberger 12- Day 2

​Shoulder stability exercises after range of motion has been corrected

Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation

Exercises for Rotator Cuff stability and strengthening 

Cat and Cow Stretch

This is the yoga stretch for mid back & low back mobility & those problematic breathing rib issues

Bird dogs

Strengthening and Stabilization of the core and low back musculature.

Rib & Mid-Back Stretches

Standing rib stretches & quadraped with arm reach to help with those tight mid back & between the shoulder blades.

MCL Ball Squeeze

Strengthen MCL and adductors muscles. Perform this exercise for 1 mins 3x 2x daily.


Row variation for increasing posterior back and shoulder strength and stability

External Rotation

Strengthening exercise for the rotator cuff muscles Infraspinatus and Teres MInor

Band Separates

Band Separates: Increase sterngth and stability of upper back and posterior shoulders. Also good for AC joint separation rehab

Sleeper Stretch

​Shoulder internal rotation stretch of rotator cuff muscles with resistance and relaxation.

Wall Angels

Thoracic strengthening exercise and posture rehab.


Core stabilization and strengthening that does not compress the low back. An exercise to improve low back pain.

Simple Bridge

​A simple bridge with lifting hips to be in a straight line with shoulders hips and thighs. Increasing posterior chain stability and strength

Dead Bugs

Low back and core stabilization with alternating arms and legs.

Pelvic Tilts

​Low Back relief, Core strengthening activation of pelvic girdle exercise.

Cuban Press

Exercise for shoulder strengtheing in the rotator cuff & larger shoulder muscles.

Foot Drills

6 foot and ankle drills to increase ankle & foot ligaments & muscles

Intrinsic Foot Strengthening

1. Toe calf raises 2. squat circles with foot control 3. Ski jumper

Intrinsic Foot Exercises

1. Big toe up & small toe down. 2. Fanning 3. Adduction &abduction of toes 4. Towel crunching with toes.

Neck Isometrics

Isometric neck exercises- flexion, extension and side strengthening.

Isometrics with movement

Isometrics with movement using a medicine ball in flexion and extension.

Slump Nerve Flossing

Nerve flossing of the Sciatic Nerve while sitting. A progression from side lying low back nerve flossing.  

Low Back Nerve Flossing

Nerve flossing for nerve entrapments and radiculopathies.

Seated Hamstring stretch and Sciatic nerve floss

Hamstring stretch and Slump wuth dorsiflexion nerve floss.

Sciatic Nerve flossing sit and on back

Weighted Stick Eccentrics

Exercises to help with elbow and wrist pain, helpful for tendinopathies. 

Sloppy Push-Ups, McKenzie Extensions, Cobras

​Disc injury exercise: McKenzie extension, Cobras, Sloppy Push-ups.

Chin/Neck Retractions

Standing neck retractions helps with strengthening front neck muscles.